Caravan / Motorhome

CCA Composite Boards offers many great advantages over common wood-based products and other composites boards.

CCA Composite Boards offers endless advantages including; weight saving, increased fuel efficiency, increased strengths for those long adventure tours or off-road tracks, offering ease of mind using innovative, leading quality composite boards to improve your quality investment.

CCA Composite Boards also offers strengths and advantages in that they do not warp or bend, splinter or crack, with minimal contraction and expansions.

CCA Composite Boards can be easily joined either by butt-join, Tongue and Groove or Ship lapped, (CCA Offers services for pre-cut joining options as required)

In addition to joining sheets, CCA Composite Boards can also be adhered, screwed, stapled or bolted into place. In addition to the surface options available with CCA Composite Boards there is also the option to adhere Vinyl or Rubber finishes using standard non-water based adhesives.

CCA Thermo-Lite Board® also has FMVSS certification as a self-extinguishing product offering increased safety to Caravan / Motorhome owner and passengers.

Some of the Common Uses for CCA Composites Boards in the Caravan / Motorhome Industry

Water tank supports
Engine bulkheads
Luggage compartments
Wheel wells
Sandwich coring
Wet Area surroundings
Benchtop and/or substrate for stone benchtop
Side walls and floors in wet areas
Shelving and storage boxes (internal and external)
Window and Door framing, (exceptional thermal qualities)
core substrate for doors
Constructive Composites Australia
Constructive Composites Australia

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