Frequently Asked Questions about Thermo-Lite Board®

1. What is Thermo-Lite Board®?

Thermo-Lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite panel manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, offering high specific strength and toughness. The non-absorbent material is extremely durable and dimensionally stable, provides an excellent bonding surface, has good impact strength, sound and thermal insulation, and is resistant to contamination and high temperatures.

2. Will Thermo-Lite Board® hold/retain screws, rivets and/or staples?

Thermo-Lite Board® is available in various densities and strengths. When using our Core or Versatile series boards we would recommend using adhesives or resins to join or coat the boards.
When using Tough-Lite, Tough, or Supreme series boards there is a higher density and high strength woven matting making the board suitable to retain screws, rivets, and staples, When screwing Thermo-Lite Board® we recommend backing of on your drill speeds and using course screws (i.e. gyprock or metal screws) when screwing into Thermo-Lite Board® for the best retention.
Qualification must be established on the user level

3. What adhesives can be used with Thermo-Lite Board®?

Thermo-Lite Board® is acceptable to a large range of non-water based adhesives and resins.


For best results when using adhesives with Thermo-Lite Board® to attach to a sub-frame or other boards is achieved using either a Teroson 939, Sika or equivalent based adhesive.

When using adhesives to apply finishes to Thermo-Lite Board® I.e. rubber, carpet or vinyl, best results are achieved using 3M or equivalent spray on adhesives.


Thermo-Lite Board® is acceptable to polyester, polyurethane, vinylester and epoxy resins.
With Thermo-Lite Board® being a guaranteed non-absorbent product there is no requirement to pre-seal boards for moisture.
For best results we recommend purchasing sanded surface finish option as this provides a surface that requires minimal preparation and best bonding surface.

Talk to your local sub-dealer or hardware store for what adhesives or resins they have available. Qualification on which adhesives/resins to use for each application must be established on the user level

4. Can Thermo-Lite Board® be painted?

Thermo-Lite Board® is acceptable to non-water based paints, when using paints and coatings with Thermo-Lite Board®, the best results are achieved with polyurethane-based products.
Lightweight and sand-able fairing compounds (epoxy putties, surface fillers) may also be used to create a further refined and smoother surface on our products in prepping them for other paints, coatings and surface finishes.
Qualification must be established on the user level

5. What tooling should I use when cutting Thermo-Lite Board®?

Thermo-Lite Board® will accept standard tooling and hardware for cutting and drilling.
We suggest through-bolting and up-sizing the washer/head diameter if possible. In comparison to plywood, we also recommend reducing the torque when fastening into the material. The fastener performance varies with fastener style, size and torque as well as with product Series and density. We recommend using course based screws i.e. gyprock or metal screws for best retention.
Hardware qualification must be established on the user level.

6. Is Thermo-Lite Board® a toxic product?

Thermo-Lite Board® is a non-toxic product, However when handling or cutting Thermo-Lite Board® we recommend the use of PPE including gloves, eye protection, and long sleeves to reduce any chance of irritation to the skin from fiberglass.

7. What strength and thickness Thermo-Lite Board® should you use for your application?

Thermo-Lite Board® is available is a range of thicknesses and 5core strengths with various densities. To obtain recommendations for the best board to use for your application we encourage you to contact your local sub-dealer or Thermo-Lite Board® specialists. All contact details are available on the contact page of our website. 

8. What guarantees and certifications are available with Thermo-Lite Board®?

Thermo-Lite Board® is offered with a guarantee being a non-absorbent product, along with certifications for being self-extinguishing, abs approved for use in marine vessels, and Safety Data Sheet for use in manufacturing environments. All certifications are data sheets are available for download from the data sheet page.

9. In what sheet size and thickness is Thermo-Lite Board® available in?

Thermo-Lite Board® is available in thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm in a range of densities and strengths. Thermo-Lite Board® is offered in standard sheet sizes of 1220mmx2440mm. However custom size sheeting is also available upon request up to a maximum size of 1510x3580. Please discuss with your local dealer for pricing and lead time on custom size sheets.

10. How do I obtain a free sample and further information about Thermo-Lite Board®?

Simply send us an e-mail with your name address and application being considered and we will gladly send you further information and relevant recommended samples for your application.

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