Jetty, Walkways and Pontoons

Thermo-Lite Board is the smart alternative to plywood and other building materials, offering unique characteristics and benefits including being lightweight, heavy duty, rot-free, and offering self-extinguishing ability when heat source is removed.

Thermo-Lite Board is designed using high density closed-cell polyurethane foam, reinforced with fibreglass matting for strength, rigidity and longevity. Thermo-Lite Board will accept all standard tooling and hardware, has a superior adhesive substrate, and best of all does not warp, swell, splinter, crack, corrode or deteriorate.

Thermo-Lite Board is available with a choice of non-slip coatings certified to comply with P5 and M12 non-slip standards making Thermo-Lite Board the smart choice product for Walkways, Jetty's, Pontoons and other wet area applications.

For more information about Thermo-Lite Board® for use with Jetty, Walkways and Pontoons applications  Download   (700kb)



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